feeder contests 2021


For over two decades, the Palm Springs leather community's bars and supporting organizations and establishments (non-leather and leather) have fed into Mr. Palm Springs Leather.


Mr. Palm Springs Leather has hailed from organizations or establishments that the Palm Springs Leather Community frequents...from Streetbar to Hunter's to the Rodeo and on, to traditional leather bars like Barracks and Toolshed.


Year after year we've been proud to welcome everyone who wants to express their kink or curiosity which has lead to growing our robust leather community.  


This year we're proud to have the following (additional feeders to be announced):


Currently, we have already in the running for Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2019:

















Mr. Toolshed Leather 2021


Mr. Leather Indulgence 2021


Layer 34.png

Mr. Hunters Leather 2021



Mr.  ROOST Leather 2021


EAGLE 501 PNG.png

EAGLE 501 Mr. Leather 2021


Mr.  Off Ramp Leather 2021


CHILL Bar Mr. Leather 2021