Contestant application, schedule and what to expect running for MR. PALM SPRINGS LEATHER 2017- 18


Please read, fill out and return your completed application to your sponsoring bar/organization at your earliest convenience.  Your sponsor must make arrangements for our Contestant Coordinator to pick up the completed application and we must receive your application no later than midnight,  Monday, October 23, 2017, in order for you to be entered in the Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2017-2018 contest. 










All contestants may receive gift baskets from some of our generous sponsors.



The contest is open to gay male residents who, at contest time, live year around within an approximately 50 mile radius of Palm Springs, who have won a feeder contest or who has been appointed by a gay business or organization and who will be able to actively represent Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert and the greater Palm Springs Leather Community. We expect you will:


  • Enter and attend the IML contest in Chicago in May of 2019

  • Must have one major fundraiser prior to IML.

  • Represent Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert at various fundraisers/functions insofar as your schedule permits.

  • Represent Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert and the Leather Community in a positive manner.

  • When appearing in any capacity as our titleholder, or wearing the titleholder sash, medal or back patch, represent us in a positive light by refraining from inappropriate behavior (public intoxication, public sex, public use of illegal substances, etc.)

  • Be a judge for the next Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest 2018.

  • PSLOD WILL PROVIDE YOU: Your title patch, a title medallion, up to $2500 to cover the cost of your trip to IML and the Mr. Palm Springs Leather Title Sash for your use during your title year.  


Above all the contest is about fun and brotherhood. We hope that the contest will be a positive experience for everyone, and that, no matter who becomes our titleholder, all the contestants will come away with new friends, and a desire to remain friends and co-workers with their brother contestants. We truly believe that anyone who enters the contest is automatically a winner. 




photo shoot to be scheduled after oct 7th

Photo shoot with all the contestants (location TBD, it will be outside). 


Please bring all aspects of the outfits you'll be appearing in during the contest, including footwear and caps/hats.  We'll be shooting Bar Wear, jock strap and Formal Leather. 


If you don't have the exact outfits you'll be wearing already picked out that's OK, an approximation will be fine.  Following the photo shoot, you're invited to join us for lunch so you can meet and get to know each other and we can go**over details of things to come.*




All Contestants are required to participate in the following events Thu-Sat. The new Mr. Palm Springs Leather is required to attend the  Victory Dance following the contest and the  Pool Party/BBQ on Sunday, and all other contestants are welcome and encouraged to attend. 



Thursday, October 26, 2017:

  • 8:15 pm – Midnight – Meet and Greet at Hunter’s, 302 E. Arenas Road, Palm Springs.

Friday, October 27, 2017:

  • 6:15 pm Formal Leather Dinner with introductions – After the dinner, you are encouraged (but not required) to go to the  Street Fair/Vendor Market, Palm Spring.

Saturday, October 28, 2017:  

  • 9:00 am – 11:00 am Personal interviews with the judges LGBT Center 

  •  Noon – 1:30 pm Contestant Rehearsal - Palm Springs Air Museum

  •   Personal down time 

  •   4:30 pm  Contestant Call time  at Museum  (bring everything with you for contest)

    • VIP Reception at Air Museum

  • Contest starts at 7 pm - Palm Springs Air Museum

  • 10 pm The Leather/Fetish Victory Dance at The Barracks (attendance required for the new Mr. Palm Springs Leather, all other contestants welcome and encouraged to attend.)

 Sunday, October 29, 2017:

  • 10:45 am - 2 pm Soaked T-shirt Contest at the Pool Party and BBQ,  at the Canyon Club Hotel.  The contest will be hosted by the new Mr. Palm Springs Leather, all other contestants welcome and encouraged to attend.

  • 3 pm - 8 pm  Official Closing Parrty at The Barracks.  Attendance by the new Mr. Palm Springs Leather is required, all other contestants welcome and encouraged to attend.




  • Personal Interview:

100 points Each contestant will meet privately with our judges Saturday afternoon for a personal interview. Bar wear/cruise wear (clothing/items that you would normally wear to the bar on any given day) is appropriate attire. You’ll be judged on your confidence, communication skills, overall appearance and general knowledge of the leather lifestyle.


  • Introduction of Contestants:

50 points Each contestant will introduce themselves to the audience using the highlighted sections of the application at the start of the contest. You’ll appear in your favorite bar wear/cruise wear (clothing/items that you would normally wear to the bar on any given day) and will be judged on your introduction, stage presence, your overall appearance, and free form interaction with the MC.


  • Jock Strap & Humorous Question:

Total of 50 points This is your chance to show the audience your physique (20 points). You will also be asked a question that is humorous in nature (30 points). As a reminder, due to nudity laws, bare butts are not allowed! (You must have a one-inch strap down the rear center of your jock.) You’ll be judged on your stage presence and your ability to think on your feet and your overall appearance.


  • Formal Leather and Speech:

100  points Formal wear can be anything from full leather to uniforms; whatever you feel would be your formal presentation wear as our titleholder. You are required to give a no more than 90-second speech about a topic of your choice. Topics centered on the Leather or GLBT community are encouraged. You’ll be judged on your confidence, communications skills, the content of your speech and your overall appearance. The 90-second rule is strictly enforced, and the microphone will be turned off at the 90-second mark. 


Scoring will be done using the Olympic method. After each section, each contestant's high score and low score for that section are discarded, and the remaining points added together to make the total score for that section. At the end of the contest, the 4 individual section totals are added up, and the contestant with the highest score becomes Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2017-2018.


If an individual contestant would like to see his score sheets from the judges they will be available the week following the contest.  A contestant is only entitled to see his score sheet and he must request it personally from the contestant coordinator.  No contestant is allowed to see any other contestants scores or score sheets, only the ranking order.